2-Factor Authentication class from Mac Camp 64
May 5th, 2017 by jyamada

A portrait of presenter Steve Riggins
PMUG members who came to Mac Camp 64 last week were able to get a much more in-depth look at how Apple’s 2-Factor Authentication scheme helps protect Apple users from having their account data stolen. It’s a powerful system that ensures that you will get notified of any login attempts to your iCloud account— even your own. With that protection in place, you can be sure that no hackers have gotten into your account without you knowing.

As you might imagine, it takes a great deal of planning and secure programming on the part of Apple to create a trusted web to ensure that you can safely use your iCloud account with a minimum of interruptions while at the same time hardening the security to really keep out the baddies. Apple’s method was to start baking security right into the hardware and software that makes up your Macs and iOS devices that access your iCloud data.

As a bonus, Steve gave a little preview of the APFS (Apple File System) that just made its way into iOS 10.3, and which is coming to the Mac.

Listen in here, or hold down the Option key while clicking the link to download the MP3:

2-Factor Authentication Class at Mac Camp 64 (2 hours, 39 minutes)

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