Monthly Meetings
PMUG’s monthly General Meetings and Special Interest Group Meetings are an entertaining mix of product demonstrations, raffles, and a general sharing of information. Product demos range from new and exciting applications to upgraded versions of favorite programs, and even first looks at future products still in development. PMUG meetings offer something for everyone, from the novice to the power user. The General Meeting is open to non-members also, so feel welcome to stop in. The General Meeting is held at Jean Vollum Natural Capital Center more commonly called Ecotrust Center, 721 NW Ninth Avenue, Portland, OR 97209, on the Second Monday of each month from 6:30 PM to about 9:00 PM.

From time to time PMUG raises money by selling tickets and raffling off something like an iMac or mobile device.

PMUG offers classes for our members. See the PMUG college link in left sidebarĀ of this site.

PMUG Tuesday night Clinic
Drop in for help with your questions. The Clinic meets in alternate locations, so be sure to check theĀ PMUG calendar for this week’s location.

PMUG is all about learning, making friends, and having fun. You will find opportunities almost every day to attend a PMUG event or activity and spend some time with other Mac enthusiasts.

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