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The Portland Macintosh Users Group (PMUG) is a group of local Macintosh users who have banded together for mutual support. We are your local connection to the ever-changing world of Macintosh hardware and software. PMUG supports the entire line of Macintosh computers from the Mac Plus and SE, through the Performa line, to Power Macintoshes, G3s, iMacs, iBooks; also iPods & Newton PDAs.

You just bought a Macintosh and need more help. Using your Macintosh can be a fun and satisfying experience, but it can also be frustrating. It should be comforting to know that there is a network across the country of many thousands of people who use Macintosh computers, the Macintosh User Groups or MUGs. MUGs include people at all levels of expertise who at one time were just like you, a new user. Their sole purpose is to help each other. We are the Portland Macintosh Users Group (PMUG), and have many members who can share your interests, and advise on hardware and software problems.

Learn more about the Mac and related goodies at PMUG events and classes. When you join PMUG you will be eligible for free classes at PMUG College, have access to the latest software and product information and discounts, and enjoy mixing with a group of people who are happy to share their knowledge and enthusiasm about Macintosh computers. Come visit with us at the next meeting!

The PMUG officers for 2009-2010
Ron Schmid President
Ron Schmid
Steve Riggins Vice President
Steve Riggins
Lynne Robbins Treasurer
Lynne Robbins
Connie Wynn Secretary
Connie Wynn
Charles DeVore Officer At Large
Charles DeVore
Peren Bjork Officer At Large
Peren Bjork
Bill Custis Officer At Large
Bill Custis
Alan Watson Officer At Large
Alan Watson
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