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Spring MacCamp 2010 details

Twice a year PMUG abandons the urban jungle for the wilderness of Silver Falls State Park. MacCamp is a MUG members only weekend retreat that includes classes, recreation, networking, and social activities.

Check out our PMUG MacCamp

MacCamp starts on Friday evening and continues until Sunday afternoon.

We reserve four lodges, with a maximum capacity of 56 people, along with the meeting hall and dining room. All classes, activities, food, and lodging are included in your registration fee. A commemorative T-shirt may be offered for a slight additional charge.

A minimum of six classes will be offered at this event, two Saturday morning, two Saturday afternoon, and two Sunday morning.

Set among the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, 35 miles east of Salem, Silver Falls State park offers the tranquility of the country and all the comforts of home. Its main feature is a series of 10 waterfalls on a seven mile trail.

If you are a member of another Macintosh Users Group you don't need to join PMUG all user group members come for the same price as PMUG members. For more information check out the article on the Apple User Group web site.

This event is not for profit, PMUG does not make money on the event. If by some chance we do make money, the profit will be used to make your next MacCamp even more enjoyable.

Classes - In the past we have held classes in such programs as AppleWorks, InDesign, Excel, Digital Video filming and editing, Genealogy and the Macintosh Operating System. While these classes may not be repeated, a minimum of six classes of equal status will be offered. Watch your copy of Mouse Tracks for class listings.

Networking - Ethernet wire is strung between the four lodges and wireless access is available within the lodges, allowing all MacCamp participants to be "on-line" with one another at once. Hours of computer interaction can be yours.

Sharing - Not all learning is done in the classroom. MacCamp is an excellent opportunity to meet new people, exchange knowledge, and just have a good time.

Help - Instructors and other knowledgeable people are available throughout the camp and are willing to help with any questions or problems you may have.

Games - Pit yourself against the software. Battle one on one with another camper, or join a network melee and contend with several opponents at once. Join a group and help unravel a new puzzle. Find out just how social an activity computer gaming can be.

Food - The food provided by the Silver Falls Park staff is one of the best features of MacCamp. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all complete meals with generous servings and plenty of variety. Vegetarian meals are available, and arrangements can be made for special diets.

Snacks - If regular meals just aren't enough - coffee, tea, cocoa and spiced cider packets along with assorted munchies are available in the four lodges and Smith Creek Hall. Hot drinks are also available in the meeting halls during class times.

Insomnia - Prepare yourself for some late evenings on the network. Most campers find themselves up much longer than expected.

About Silver Falls State Park

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