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It doesn't take a lot to become a PMUG member. Sign up today and you will soon begin to reap the rewards of membership.

Please Note: We do not accept purchase orders.
To join PMUG, fill in the Membership application below and then print it and mail it to us with your payment.

If you have other questions about membership, fill in the form and click SEND at the end of this form to forward your name and address to us. We'll have someone contact you to answer your questions.

  • New Member - As a new member of PMUG: we offer you a one month free trial of PMUG's message center - the Electric Sheep.
  • Renewal
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    To join PMUG, complete this form and then print it and mail your completed Membership Application with Check or Money Order to:

    PMUG, Attn.: Membership
    PO Box 8949
    Portland, OR 97207-8949

    Within three weeks of payment you should receive your PMUG Membership Card and your first issue of Mouse Tracks.

    Tell us what your interests are. Check as many boxes as you want.

    Business Applications Games Newton/PDAs
    Publishing Telecommunications Databases
    Graphics Writing Tools/Techniques
    Educational Uses Networks Music/MIDI
    Video/Multimedia Programming New-User Info
    HyperCard Public-Domain Software Other

    I would like to help PMUG, please send the volunteer survey.

    Annual Membership: Choose One
    • $42 - Full Membership with Journal
    • $60 - Full Membership with Journal and Electric Sheep BBS access
    • $48 - Full Membership with Electric Sheep BBS access
    • Additional family members who wish to join ($6 each)
      • Family members' names
    • $30 - Journal subscription only
    • $30 - Student (must be verified full time: join in person or send proof of full time student status)

    I wish my name EXCLUDED from any list PMUG might publish for vendors.

    The Portland Macintosh Users Group (PMUG) recognizes the proprietary nature of commercial software. PMUG actively discourages the duplication of such software in violation of applicable laws. People engaged in such activity bear sole responsibility for their actions.

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