How bad are counterfeit chargers?
May 22nd, 2014 by jyamada
A photograph of two very similar looking chargers, with one being a genuine Apple charger and one being counterfeit.

Can you spot the differences between these two chargers? The genuine Apple charger is on the left, while the counterfeit on the right states that it was ‘Designed by California’

It’s pretty widely known that you can buy cheap counterfeit chargers for your iPhone and iPad on places like eBay and Amazon. Anyone buying such an ‘unbelievably good deal’ probably knows that they are taking a risk, but up until now it has been hard to say just how much of a risk one was taking.

Blogger Ken Shirrif goes in great technical detail to illustrate the differences between 12 different chargers from cheap counterfeits up to name brands like Apple, Samsung, and Motorola. Also compared are high quality 3rd parties like Monoprice.

Ken Shirrif’s blog about chargers

The lowdown: Avoid cheap counterfeits as they can be wildly dangerous. This issue came to prominence when a woman in China was killed by electrocution while talking on her phone that was plugged in and charging on an alleged counterfeit adapter.

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