July 9th General Meeting- Apple History Series: Steve Wozniak
July 5th, 2018 by jyamada

Picture of Steve Wozniak, co-founder of apple

Following July’s sure-to-be- excellent Q&A session, our presentation will feature a video screening.In this long-lost footage from 1984, Steve Wozniak addresses an admiring group at Denver’s Apple Pi Computer Club. Unlike television interviews and movies portraying early Apple history, Woz speaks speaks candidly and casually about the roles that he and Steve Jobs played, and details the many pranks that led to his probation for computer abuse at the University of Colorado. Other rare clips and discussion will be included as time allows.

Come join us at the Jean Vollum Natural Capital Center (Ecotrust Center), 721 NW Ninth Avenue. Question and answer hour starts at 6:30pm, with the main discussion starting around 7:30 pm and ending at 9 pm.

If you find that you want to divest yourself of your old Apple hardware to make way for something new and shiny then you can bring up to 5 items to swap at the meeting.

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